8 Ideation Tools to Help You Create Compelling Content

8 Ideation Tools to Help You Create Compelling Content

Creating new content can get challenging because your original ideas can get repetitive when you are not exposed to different topics. Fortunately, there are ideation tools that can help you with this problem. Say goodbye to repetitive ideas and prompts with these tools, which help you brainstorm new content ideas. Have a look through our list and see if it may be helpful for you.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush offers you a variety of ways to spike new content ideas. One of the more simple but effective tools is the new Topic Research tool. With this tool, you can produce related material and ideas after you enter the topic area or domain. Then, you can analyze the most popular headlines and subtopics earning the most links or are interesting. Afterward, you can create a post that caters to your desired audience.

Not only that, but through your results, you can get a good notion of the websites and assets you'll be competing with. Moreover, you can filter the search results by volume, difficulty, and efficiency. SEMrush also allows you to “Favorite ideas” when you want to save ideas for later.


  1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Another popular tool for content ideation is Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. It is an excellent tool to help you find the average monthly search volume of different keywords. It also allows you to search through keyword difficulty, approximate cost per click (CPC), and click-through rates (CTRs)- all in one tool.

Not only that but their site explorer tool is also a handy feature that provides information on other websites—allowing you to look at competitors and analyze what type of content on their page is popular. Moreover, Ahrefs has a clean interface, making the software a pleasant user experience.

  1. FAQ Fox

FAQ Fox is a powerful ideation tool that helps by showing you the questions that people are asking around the keyword target at hand. With this tool, you can enter specific sites to scrape or pick from suggested categories of places to search from.

The tool essentially instructs search engines to look for keywords in the titles and metadata of the questions. FAQ Fox can also find out how users are typing in questions and their language. Consequently, Fox can determine what questions users aren't finding answers to in search results. You will also be able to find the answers to the questions with supporting information that can leverage to create the asset through this tool.

In addition to looking through relevant discussion sites and social media channels, look through your rivals' websites to discover what inquiries they are responding to regarding a specific issue.

  1. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is another excellent tool to help you create content. This tool is an SEO platform with a popular keyword research tool called Keyword Explorer. You can find specific information like monthly search volume, search engine results page (SERP), and even competitiveness.

Moreover, Moz's keyword research tool is an “all in one” means that you can use for all your content ideation needs and is one of the most popular tools. As a result, you can use your best laptop as is without the need to add or upgrade to support the tool.

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  1. Google Keyword Planner

Having a Keyword Planner is crucial so you can find out what phrases are being searched for and generate new content ideas based on them. Using this tool, you can fill in the products or services you would like to include in your content. Besides that, you can also put in a specific domain to discover new keywords.

In addition, you can discover potential keyword gaps and areas of improvement that your site might need by searching through your domain and your competitors. Then, you can look into the keyword suggestions from low search traffic to high ones.

Google Search is the world's biggest search engine. Although this is not a keyword research tool, it is where everyone ends up searching, which is why you should also pay attention to it. The search results are the easiest way to learn about the search queries behind specific phrases. Once you've identified your content's target keywords with another tool, you can search for those keywords on Google and examine the top results.

While looking at the results, you can identify the meta title structure in the top results. You can also find the topics and subtopics popular pages talk about to get some inspiration. In addition, you may use VPN or a tool like Ahrefs to view country-based SERPs.

  1. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a tool you can use to discover what people are enquiring about. All you need to do is type in a few words related to a topic, brand, or product, such as the best smartphone in the market. Then, you will be given various questions related to the search topic. For instance, “what is the best smartphone in 2022?”. You can use this question as the main idea in creating your content. In addition, you may further develop the question by using extra content ideation tools.

  1. Keyword.io

Keyword.io is another excellent tool for you to gather new content ideas. All you need is a seed keyword inserted into the tool, and then Keyword.io will give you hundreds of long tail keyword suggestions. What is more, is that Keyword.io allows you to filter your searches to any platform available. So, for instance, you can conduct platform-specific research for YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Google, and Wikipedia, among others. This ensures you can get as many keyword suggestions as possible without requiring extra ideation tools.

When you are done filtering through the suggested keywords, you can then pick the ideas that you prefer the most or the ones that relate to your content. After that, you can export the list of your selected keywords to get a full list of ideas that have been prioritized.

Many tools can help you when you are creating content, and the ones listed are only a few out of many more. Make sure these tools are only there to help you while creating and not just entirely relying on the device. Good luck!

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