Pinterest Seo Tips – How To Write Pin Titles In 2020

Pinterest SEO Tips – How to Write Pin Titles in 2021

Looking for the best Pinterest SEO Tips – How to Write Pin Titles? Here in this article, we will be discussing all you need to know. Pinterest has positioned itself at the forefront of online business promotion. Millions of businesses are making Pinterest SEO an important part of their search energy optimization and content marketing strategies. Marketing experts have studied user behavior on Pinterest and identified important behaviors and traits that companies can use.

In a recent survey, Pinterest had the highest share of e-commerce stocks at 41%, versus 37% on Facebook and 17% on Twitter. Pinterest stats says that there is no doubt that the majority of reputable online businesses understand the value of Pinterest as a valuable social network.

Pinterest SEO Tips

Pinterest Seo Tips

Pinterest users follow a general pattern of behavior when it comes to brands. Pinned articles can be divided into two basic categories. the items you want and the items are available. This is perfect from a marketing standpoint and gives businesses instant access to the type of content they should share if they want their brands and products to be pinned.

Another important factor with Pinterest is the predominantly female audience. Recent figures suggest that the vast majority of Pinterest users are female. The subcategories are made up of working women, mothers who stay at home, and committed amateur women. Mothers are the largest group among users.

Pinterest's success can be difficult to pin down at times, and Pinterest SEO can seem like a mystery. Every time Pinterest tells us what we can do to improve our bottom line, it's worth getting it right. And this is certainly the case with pin titles. Pinterest believes pin titles are so important that they will soon be needed for every image you save on Pinterest. Let's see what they are, how to add them, and how to use Pinterest SEO to make them work for you.

What is a Pin title?

A pin title is like the title of a blog post, but it can be up to 100 characters long for a Pinterest pin and appears in bold when you click a pin. It's above the description, with the first 30-35 characters sometimes appearing below the pen. A pin title comes from your website, so it goes with your blog post. It doesn't have to be the same thing though, as you can edit the title however you want. However, it is always best to make sure it is relevant to your post. Do not label your PIN with “10 Tips for Using Instagram” if your post is about using Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Pin titles are also used by Pinterest to help understand what a pin is. It's a signal next to the description, the text on the pin, and the board you're adding it to. For this reason, we always recommend adding pens to the relevant cards as it will be a strong signal for the subject of the pen.

What makes a good pin title?

Since you have 100 characters but only show the first third in the feed, it's best to find your most important keywords as close to the beginning of the pin title as possible. The purpose of the pin title is to grab a person's attention, get them to click or save the pin, and relay those signals to Pinterest.

Using keywords in titles

It is important to use keywords and phrases, but they do not have to be exactly the same as those used in your pin descriptions. They don't necessarily have to be the same as the title on the pin, even if there is text. You may have a Pin description that speaks of “Gin Cocktails” but your title could be “10 Gin drink recipes you will love to try this summer”. As long as you have at least 10 recipes in the mail.

Don't keyword stuff!

Always use natural language and don't just add a bunch of keywords (this goes for descriptions too). Pinterest knows what keyword stuffing like Google is and will include you in the smart feed. Plus, it's a bad user experience because it reads so unusually.

Why Pin Titles Are Key to Pinterest SEO

A pin title gives your picture an additional context. It is used by Pinterest to determine when to show your Pin in Search and its associated images, and it is used by users looking for a little more information before they click on your website.

If you don't manually enter a title on Pinterest, your title will be pulled from the rich pin data if it exists, or the first part of your description will be a pin title. Now all pins must have a specific title.

How to Write a Pin Title for Pinterest SEO and More Clicks

You have up to 100 characters for your pin title, but typically the first 30 characters appear in feeds. So, choose wisely as the purpose of your pin title is to give context to your image. Do not repeat the content of your pin description or what exactly is on the text of your picture. Use this option to add information that might be stimulating to click.

As always, use the keywords you expect to find a Pin like yours instead of using keywords, use natural language, never be too promising, or use “clickbait” tactics. Pinterest can detect this and affect the reach of your Pins. Be honest and thorough (as completely as possible in 100 characters!) When explaining what this Pin has to offer.

How do I change the title of a pin on Pinterest?

Adding the pin directly to Pinterest makes it easy to change the pin title. Anything you enter when adding the pin overrides any settings like Yoast or Rich Pins that normally fill the title if you don't add one.

On Pinterest

Click the “+” button on Pinterest to access the new Pins section. Here you can upload your picture, add your description, and the destination link. There is also a large section that says “Add Title” for you to paste your title into. Pick a forum and whether to post now or later, and you're good to go.

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On Tailwind

You can now also change the pin title when there is a tailwind. Tailwind used to post the pin title from your website, but it could be a bit of a hit and miss. Since Pinterest needs a title for each pin, there is a section for this. Adding the URL will pull the title from a post, but you can edit it.

Upload an image to the designs and you will now see three fields. Name, title, and description of the forum with the usual sections on stems, smart loop, and URL. In this example, my site name is used by default. However, you can just highlight it and type or paste your new title. The same goes if you want to create a PIN from your website and change the default title.

Editing an existing Pinterest title

You can also edit a title on an existing Pin, though I recommend doing this only if you've made a mistake. To edit a pin, select it and use the pencil icon in the upper left corner. Edit the title as needed and click Save. Then the title changes on Pinterest. But don't go back and change a lot of titles, it's not a good use of your time.

How to Choose Key Words for Pin Titles

Start with the keywords of your linked content. Pinterest wants to see consistency from pin to pin. From there, navigate to other keywords that may be more likely to be searched on Pinterest.

Pinterest tells you what people are looking for. Just type in the keyword you used on your website and you will be presented with several related options.

To better distribute your PIN, use these Pinterest recommended keywords in your PIN titles, descriptions, captions, titles, and descriptions of the board on which you save this PIN and in the page to which you link (title, Description, and main text). Of course, you may not be able to put them in each of these places, but do your best while resisting the keyword urge.

Why have different pin titles?

Having different pin titles may seem like an extra job, but there are several reasons for it. Pinterest will use it to rate content, and when it comes to the problems with big Pins, titles on websites aren't always very good. So, it's a better way of making sure that each pin has a title.

Making multiple pins

As a Pinterest marketer, there are some benefits to being able to add a title to a Pinterest pin. If you create more than one Pin for a post (which is a good idea), you can give each a different title. This helps test what works as an A / B test, and it also means you can cover more keywords. Also, you can get different people's attention with one heading over another.

Seasonal content

Seasonal Content

The other reason that being able to change the title of a Pinterest Pin is good is when you have seasonal content or content that might be seasonal. For example, in my articles about cocktails on my food blog, there are recipes that are suitable for certain times of the year. Summer rum cocktails, winter champagne cocktails, etc.

The editable pin titles allow you to create Season-themed Pins with the correct title and draw people's attention to the seasonal side of the item, even if the title doesn't mention it. Original.

Making the most of pin titles

Fixed titles are one thing, so we can find the best ways to get the most out of them too. From highlighting seasonal aspects of your content to testing different variations of your keywords, there are many ways you can use them and a greater chance of grabbing people's attention.

Pinterest SEO tips FAQs

Adding Your SEO-Focused Pin Title on Pinterest

When you click on Pinterest to create a Pin, the Pin Title field is the most visible field above your username. It even helpfully reminds you that only the first 30 characters will appear in feeds.

Should I Add Pin Titles to Old Pins?

If you've been storing Pins on Pinterest for years, chances are you are overwhelmed with the idea of going back and updating them all. For most platform changes, focus on changing your strategy today and tomorrow. You don't have to worry about your downgraded file.

How do I optimize my pins on Pinterest?

A pin title creates a context for your picture. Instead of repeating the content of your pin description, this area allows you to add information that will encourage users to click. Even though you have 100 characters, keep in mind that Pinterest will only show the first 30 or more on a feed. So, use these first 30 characters carefully.

Think about the words your prospects would use in their search, but be sure to create headings that are keyword-filled or likely to click. Not only can Pinterest detect this and penalize your entire account, but your customers can see through it and not click. Instead, of course, include keywords in your pin titles for better Pinterest SEO.

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