Keyword Ranking Guide: How to Rank #1 on Google in 2020?

Keyword Ranking Guide: How to Rank #1 on Google in 2021?

Keyword Ranking in 2021

Keyword ranking beyond can be difficult if you do not apply the strategies correctly.

Google does not give rankings magically instead it has a complete set of algorithms to rank sites for a specific keyword.

There are basically 2 steps to optimize keywords to get higher rankings in Google search results

  1. On-Page Optimization
  2. Off-Page Optimization

In this article, I am not going into the detail of on-page and off-page optimization as here my main focus is on some general key factors which are very important to get higher rankings nowadays.

Keyword Ranking Note!

Content is always the king and you will not get higher positions if your content is not thorough and unique. So, never compromise on the quality and thoroughness of the content.

how to rank keywords

How to Rank Keywords #1 on Google?

Here, I am going to discuss the following 5 factors which will help you to boost your rankings.

  1. Backlinks
  2. Rank Brain
  3. SSL Certificate
  4. Mobile Friendliness
  5. Site Speed

Backlinks are still the biggest ranking factor and you should never compromise on the quality of backlinks if you want to survive in modern SEO.

Due to the great importance of backlinks, I want to explain this point in detail.

Apply the following strategy while building backlinks to get rankings quickly.

This strategy is the tiered link building. In this strategy, you have to build links until tier 2 and not more than that.

Let me explain to you in detail how it works.

First of all, watch this video of Neil Patel, and then I will explain.

I hope you have seen this video and have got an idea of what I am talking about. Now let me explain this in a more easy way so you can understand the strategy completely.

These will be the links that you build directly to your money site. As they are the direct links so do not compromise on the quality of them. You should not build all types of junk links as your tier 1 links as they could hurt your rankings.

I have written a complete article about how to build high-quality backlinks to your money site and I want you to read it before you build any kind of links.

It is advisable that you only apply the methods I have mentioned in the above article to gain safe and quick rankings.

Keyword Ranking

In tier 2 backlinks you can compromise a bit about quality but not too much. Now you have to build links to your tier 1 links.

While making tier 2 links you can use the following techniques:

In this way, you can increase the page authority of your tier 1 links which will pass the link juice to your money site and you will get higher rankings in a very quick time.

  • Rank Brain

There is a confusion among SEO experts that which one is the #1 ranking factor backlinks or rank brain. According to me, backlinks are still the #1 ranking factors.

RankBrain is a machine learning system that improves itself according to the user experience. This mostly works only on the first page of Google where the whole traffic is.

The following factors come under this category

  • CTR
  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time

Watch this video to learn properly how this machine learning system works and how you can optimize your site according to it.

  • SSL Certificate

Google has officially announced that it will give preference to those sites that are using an SSL Certificate.

Why you should implement an SSL Certificate?

If you use this certificate it will show a secure sign in the browser and increase the trust of the visitors. As we know that Google works for its audience, so think about it that way that why Google should show such sites on top which people do not trust. You can also buy SSL Certificate from a trusted source.

So it is highly recommended to use this on your site as it is a very important factor from an SEO point of view.

Watch this video if you want to install the SSL certificate on your WordPress Website using Cloudflare for free.

Please Note!

When you install SSL then you may see some fluctuations in your rankings initially but over time you will see more benefits.

  • Mobile Friendliness

If your site is not mobile-friendly then you will fail. Now Google will not compromise on sites that are not mobile-friendly. Install such themes that are mobile friendly and do not use free or nulled themes if you really want to survive and work for a long time.

According to a survey, more than 50% of the searches are performed through mobile devices.

  • Site Speed

Site Speed

The loading time of a site is also one of the ranking factors and you should never compromise on your site speed if you really want to rank higher. Your site must load under 3 seconds to gain a good user experience as nowadays Google is focusing more on the user experience to give rankings.

According to Google if your load time increases from 0.4 to 0.9s it causes a 20% decrease in traffic and revenue.

Keyword Ranking Wrapping it Up!

Lastly, I would like to say that SEO requires a lot of patience and motivation to get success. Just apply the above-mentioned simple strategies to rank your keywords in Google and day by day you will see a positive movement in search results.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment box and ask them directly.


How do I optimize keywords?

1. Choose The Keywords To Focus On 2. Prioritize Your Keywords 3. Secure The Indexed Text Is Unique 4. Improve The Search Listings For The Keywords 5. Update Or Add A Headline 6. Optimize Existing Text 7. Add Text In Images

How do I check my keyword ranking?

1. Type in your website URL into Keyword Explorer 2. Choose the country where your audience is based 3. Select the ‘Analyze button' 4. You will see ‘Top Ranking Keywords' 5. Click

How difficult is keyword check?

It depends on 1. Of the number and quality of backlinks to the top 10 pages in the SERP 2. How rival those pages

Thank you for reading!

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