Planning A Virtual Get Together

Planning A Virtual Get Together? Here’s How You Can Have The Best Party Ever

Quarantine has been hard, and there's no denying that we've been spending time away from loved ones. When it comes to special occasions, however, even though you're far apart, you can still celebrate them virtually. If you're planning to host a virtual get together, you don't have to spend too much time planning.

There are endless ways you can host virtual events and have a party together online. Here is how to plan a virtual get together and truly enjoy the company with your friends and family this season.

Choose the Right Streaming Platform

The streaming platform you use for your virtual event will depend on how large your group is. If the entire group you're inviting have iPhones and Macs, you could ask them to FaceTime with you. Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom are mostly preferred for hosting virtual events these days.

Before starting the event, schedule reminders and send a text through WhatsApp to let everybody know to be there on time; it's as simple as that. If you're planning on playing online games in a group, we recommend going with the HouseParty app.

Order Food Online

You might not be able to cook a Christmas dinner and have it together, but you can get close. For your friends and colleagues, you can surprise them by ordering food online using apps like UberEats and DoorDash. Treat them to something good and light a smile on their faces!

Ordering online is also a good way to cater to specific dietary restrictions. If your loved ones are vegan, vegetarian, or like eating meat, you can customize the meals for them.

Host Costume Parties

If you're celebrating parties like Halloween, you can ask everyone to participate in a cosplay contest.

How it works is that the group buys clothes and accessories online and gets started working on their favorite outfits. The one with the most impressive costume on display wins and gets awarded prizes. And the rest get a consolation prize for taking part in it!

Set a Deadline for the Event

Communication is key when you're conducting virtual events. You can send reminders via emails and various social media platforms. This will get everyone excited, and look forward to it.

If you have a website for the event, you can add a countdown timer. This way, your friends will know when it will start. Use a free invitation maker with online templates for sending event reminders. It makes it easy to edit, and you can reuse these invites for future events.

Takedown the participant's phone numbers if you're hosting a small event. If someone forgets to attend or misses the emails, you can call them up and gently remind them before it starts. However, that's the last resort, and you'd want to avoid that.

Make a Video Trailer About the Upcoming Gathering

What will your guests get when attending? Surprises are fun, but when you know what you're signing up for, it doubles up.

A video trailer hits the sweet spot. Use transitions, typography, and animations to make it pop out. The trailer could show clips and snippets of the previous events and talk about what's new this time.

Make a promo and generate unlimited ads about it to promote on social media platforms. When people click on them, they'll know what's coming up.

If you're hosting virtual gatherings on a large scale, this is a great way to build a following. People will watch, and there'll be a lot of viewers tuning in to your stream. Also, you can monetize this content and get paid for it later.

Plan Out Games for the Party

Having online games set up for the big event will do wonders. Have a few good ones in a store like Trivia night, fill in the blanks, bingo, and virtual karaoke. You can start a virtual scavenger hunt in your own homes by writing down a list of items and asking your participants to look for them in their areas.

Other online games you can try are multiplayer games like First Person Shooters, eSports events, MMORPGs, and virtual board games. There are tons of genres you can explore but try to stick to the party's theme.

Make sure the games are titles that everybody can play and enjoy. They should be fun, and leaderboards need to be shown. Action games give an adrenaline rush, which means they're exciting, but they also add an extra level of challenge.

If there's a story element to your online party games, the group will more likely stay engaged and keep playing it. However, if you're thinking of playing virtual board games, try games like online ludo, multiplayer chess, Monopoly, and virtual card games.

Watch a Movie Together

Parties are not complete without movies. If you're planning to spend a long night with your friends online, be sure to keep good titles on hand. You can use Rabbit TV to stream movies in a group or use screen sharing programs to connect online and watch videos together.

Pick movies that align with your party's interests. If everybody likes horror, go with films like The Exorcist or Hannibal.

There are interesting comedy and action thriller films which are worth checking out. And if the group likes animated films, you can try out any of Square Enix's or Disney's series.

Request Feedback

Send a feedback form at the end of the event. Ask your guests what they thought of it and what could've been done better.

This will help you plan out upcoming events and make them even more awesome. You could ask questions like what games you can include and send surveys.

Sending surveys prior to planning an event and hosting online polls is a good way to brainstorm for ideas. Narrow them down and make sure the event has activities that everyone can enjoy. Because that's what virtual group events are about.


If it's your first time hosting your virtual event, you don't have to worry too much. Stay on track, keep a few games on the list, and order food beforehand so you can feel like you're eating in a group.

Virtual events can be fun when done right. And in this pandemic, it's a good way to connect with others.

Use an invitation maker for making the invites since it can get time-consuming manually designing them.

Thank you for reading!

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