Video Marketing Strategy Ultimate Guide For 2021

Video Marketing Strategy: Ultimate Guide


People who belong to the modern era must understand the value of video marketing strategy. Consumers are flooded with live streaming, interactive films, and other technologies, so brands can no longer rely on written content and pictures alone to engage them.

The heart-throbbing appearance of the year 2021 happens to be all about making videos and conveying messages in the form of videos. Businesses all around the world are recognizing the importance of video and investing in its production and delivery.

As a result of this expansion, you will be left behind if you're not constantly generating good video content. So, we`ve come up with some advanced strategies that will help you understand this concept in a more simplified manner.

Steps to Make a Good Video

Although there are multiple steps for making a good video for your project, some established steps could help you make a successful video. Let us have a look at them.

Defining What You Want Video

Do not start randomly making a video. Make sure to clarify the concept in your mind about what you want from the video and the audience you are going to target. It is just like strategizing or planning your video and making a complete outline of it.

Try to figure out from people what they would like to see related to your project. A questionnaire might do the task as it helps you reach a consensus. Start slow and plan carefully as it is the most important one.

Goals of your Video

Before you jump into making the video, understanding and deciding the main goal behind making the video is of paramount importance. A challenge or opportunity is defined, and the spectator is kept informed that they have an issue.

Users should be attracted to your videos at this level, and your brand should be introduced to more users. The spectator is now pondering how they will resolve the issue, and for this, they do some research.

They're doing their homework, getting recommendations, and reading product reviews. The users are also trying to come up with cost-effective solutions. After the client's satisfaction, they should choose your product or service over the competition.

Determine your Audience

It is important to figure out who your target audience is now that you know what stage of the marketing funnel you'll be targeting. If you make a video without a target audience in mind, it is much more likely to fail.

Those who should be watching it won't, and those who do won't convert, so basically, it reduces the impact of video. Keep your messaging consistent across videos to keep the audience alert.

Consumers must understand who and what is being communicated to them while watching the film.

Where is the Video to be Played?

Where Is The Video To Be Played

Yet another important question is the platform where you are going to post your video. The reason is that the audience must be in high concentration on the platform to make your video successful. You can go for Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

It is an easy way to reach people on social media and get your video some reputation. The power of social media can help you in getting a good reputation as well.

Reasonable Budget

Many marketers make the mistake of believing that investing a large sum of money in video production will guarantee its success which is not quite true as the only important thing in a video should be its good quality along with good creativity.

On the other hand, if you don't spend enough on a large-scale campaign, you might risk damaging your brand's image by sending out low-quality messages. So while creating video content, keep your campaign goals in mind and make sure you're getting the most out of your investment.

If you want to attract more customers, for example, you might not need to invest a lot of money in video production. Instead, consider making short films for social media platforms that can help you reach more audiences.

If you have a bigger budget and want to keep your brand in front of people's minds, develop a compelling story. Consider including industry experts or even YouTube celebrities who already have access to the audience you're aiming to attract to stay within your budget.

However, make sure they're well-suited to represent your firm. Check out their social media profiles, reputation, and make sure the things they discuss on their channels and platforms don't contradict your company's ideas or products.

Optimization of Videos

Optimize your videos and make sure they're optimized well enough for each channel.

Depending on the platforms you use to launch your ads, you'll want to make sure your videos are optimized for maximum interaction. This means keeping it brief, submitting videos directly to the channel, and including subtitles.

Getting a Suitable Camera

Do not underestimate the power of the new cameras in the market. The cameras play a deciding factor in making your video excellent. You can use multiple cameras and smartphones. A smartphone like iPhone is also a good choice for making a video. So you can have high resolution and good quality.

Video Editor

No video can be made successful unless it is edited properly by using a good video editing application.s You can get a series of video editors for free, but we recommend you buy the one with a subscription. The reason is that most free video editors do not provide professional editing methods.

You can add transitions and color effects that are unable to be produced by simple cameras. Video editing includes multiple mechanisms, and you can add features like slow motion, orientation, and view of the video. Getting help from an editor matters.

Deciding the Music

Although there is no purpose for music in a simple video, music can change the entire video. For example, most of the scenery-based videos become more beautiful depending upon the music in their background.

No need to add random music but try to consider all factors like the purpose of the video, the message you are going to convey, and the audience that is being targeted. This will help you to find suitable music. For example, most rock music makes us mad because of the music behind it.

Music plays a vital role in getting acceptance for your video. You can compose music of your own if you have a big project or use music by any singer that you find suitable for your project.


Many people wish that their videos would get famous overnight. However, the market is flooded with competitors, and new videos are uploaded every minute. So going for the promotion of your video is not a bad choice.

One way is to promote your video from influencers. You can give them good packages for promoting your video. Many people on social media follow influencers and the projects they promote.

Another one to the cart is the paid promotion of the video. Multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to do a paid promotion on your project at cost-effective prices. Nowadays, digital marketing matters the most, so it is better to boost your video. This would increase its reach to people.

Ways to measure success

There are several ways to measure success when it comes to marketing. Some are listed below;

Percentage of people who are engaged

The engagement rate is a statistic that measures how much someone interacts with your video. It shows how long did the viewer spend watching the video? Did they watch the entire event, leave early, or skip through it?

This number should indicate the quality of your message, its creativity, and whether or not your video is too long or just right.

The View Count

The number of times a video has been viewed is known as the view count; however, it varies per channel. For example, a view on YouTube is worth 30 seconds, but only 3 seconds on Facebook.

Understanding how people interact with your films across different channels allows you to make better decisions regarding your new videos.

Knowing how each platform counts views and how to use the insights tools on each platform will help you determine how much genuine interaction your video is receiving and plan future content.

Play Rate

The total number of people that watched the video after pressing play. This is crucial since it allows you to see how the video ad performs on various websites and social media platforms. Again, this provides insight into your target market.


It is a crucial factor to consider for any campaign. If viewers leave comments about your video on social media, read them to determine if they're positive or bad, and take both into account.

After all, those who take the time to view and comment on your video, whether they are customers or not, are now familiar with the brand and may become consumers in the future.

Ignoring these comments can mislead you into thinking that the video is not as productive as you aimed. But, it would be best if you aimed for the future and planned to attract future customers who eventually become your loyal customers.

Social Media Sharing

This number of sharing indicates how many times your video has been shared on social media platforms. People don't share stuff they don't care about, so if your videos are getting many shares, it shows your message is getting over. So noticing the number of shares tells you that your hard work has paid off.

Final Words

Video strategy refers to the series of steps that you follow to make your video successful. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to making a good video, and market strategy is a deciding factor. Hope this guide has helped you.

Thank you for reading!

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