Top 3 Genius Examples Of Memes In Marketing

Top 3 Genius Examples of Memes in Marketing

Do you know that memes are taking over the world by storm? Additionally, memes are also dominating the world of advertising and marketing.

Memes are one of the best ways to complement the current and popular trends in the pop culture industry. This is an essential factor you need to consider if you want to keep your content and brand interesting and relevant to your customers.

Internet meme marketing is extremely beneficial for the success of your business. Many brands leverage the benefits of memes in the form of photos, text content, videos, and GIFs to establish a connection with their customers on social media platforms. However, this also serves a dual purpose. Meme marketing will help you to spread the word-of-mouth marketing strategy of your business through customers, thereby increasing the social validation of your content.

Why Meme Marketing is Important?

As per Forbes, Americans spend more than 1300 hours on social media platforms. Memes are extremely effective to trigger the sharing chances. Not only your audiences will laugh but also engage with your brand.

Remember that brand marketing has some disadvantages on social media platforms. This is because it has a very low engagement rate. The Gen-Z audience can adversely halt the sponsored advertisements or promotional content that ultimately damages the marketing campaign of your business. However, if you combine your brand marketing with meme marketing, your chance of engaging with them will become higher. More than 80% of promotional content on social media platforms now contains memes. Meme marketing will not only promote your business but also attract the attention of your audiences.

How Brand Implement the Meme Marketing

How Brand Implement The Meme Marketing

It is also important to understand the mindset of the Gen-Z audience. Memes are an essential part of their lives. Meme marketing targets this generation in a more effective way compared to any other kind of advertisement or promotional strategy. When you combine memes with brand marketing, your business will not only get the attention it deserves but also increase brand visibility.

Memes are one of the essential ways to show your audience that you understand their needs and wants better than anyone else. Memes will create a strong bond between your business and your customers, which is almost impossible with other forms of advertisement today. Meme marketing can help you build an emotional connection with Gen-Z customers and engage them with your brand in a more effective manner, by using the right meme images and content.

Meme marketing is undoubtedly an essential part of any business's social media marketing plan to stand out in front of their audiences because it makes you look confident, creative, in the know, and relatable all at once. Memes are one of those social media marketing strategies that can really help broaden your customer base and reach those who don't currently follow you. Memes are not only interactive but also reinforce your brand as well as extend its lifespan.

Meme marketing is a great way to inspire people with creativity, by sharing interesting memes through different social media channels without looking spammy or trolling.

Fenty Beauty

The beauty company owned by Rihanna took the cosmetics and beauty product industry by storm with their massive collection of make-up. Fenty is a brand that leverages the benefits of Instagram culture which appeals to the customers visually. However, they changed their whole marketing campaign by implementing meme marketing in their Instagram marketing strategy.

They started to promote their products and services through memes on Instagram that started to attract the attention of millions of customers. Fenty always implements meme marketing to promote their upcoming sales and products.

Memes are an effective way to attract customers, by making them laugh or trigger their feelings emotionally. Memes are one of the best ways to make your brand look relatable through social media channels.

Meme Marketing is Memorable Memes are not only effective to advertise your business but also increase brand recall. Meme marketing is one of the most creative ways to generate brand awareness by sharing interesting memes on social media platforms. Memes are also a perfect way to establish yourself as an industry leader with your customer base.

Denny's Diner

Denny's is famous for its active conversation with its customers on social media platforms. Their content on social media not only attracts various customers but also entertains them. This is because Denny's use meme marketing to enhance their engagement rate with the customers. If you want to want to use meme marketing techniques like Denny's, consider visiting Meme Scout.

Since Denny's are well-known for their updated and interactive content on the pop-culture, their customers always enjoy the memes uploaded by Denny's. This helps the brand to connect with its customers emotionally. Meme marketing is an effective way to reach customers through hundreds of social media platforms. Memes are not only limited to specific age groups but are also available for all tastes and preferences.

Memes are one of the most shared forms of content on social media currently, which could help you reach your target customer base quickly. Meme Marketing Provides New Insights Meme marketing is an effective way to test your product or service's demand by using different memes. Memes can help you analyze how customers react to your content and whether they like it or not. Memes are one of the best ways to gather market information about your brand because they will help you understand what people think about certain things.


Disney is more focused on children. But after judging the requirement of the Gen-Z audiences, they have also started sharing viral-ready memes on social media platforms. This way they successfully target audiences from a specific region.

This step by Disney helped them to gain massive engagement on social media platforms as they sort their audiences by their demographic location. Additionally, Disney also created memes from their shows, making them more entertaining to the audiences.


Memes should be an essential part of your marketing campaign. However, you need to maintain the level of relevancy. When implemented correctly, meme marketing can become one of the most powerful aspects of your business.

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