Why Domain Authority is Important for SEO? 5 recommended tools to check DA.

Why Domain Authority is Important for SEO? 5 recommended tools to check DA.

If you are unable to be a buzz in the market despite tweaking your SEO, you need to take a look at your blog's domain authority.

Domain authority is a no-brainer for those who are into blogging or online business. If you want more and more readers to land on your blog and take off your ranking to the first position, you need to know how the domain authority benefits your SEO?

Moreover, I am going to put the 5 best tools to check your domain authority. So read this article to get useful insights.

What is Domain authority?

Domain authority or DA is a scale or a metric to determine how your website may perform in Google's ranking competition.

Moz is the company that invented this metric to scale up your website among others and determine its predictable ranking position.

It has a score between 1 to 100 with a new indexed website getting a ranking of 1. This score is competitive which means your ranking will be measured concerning your competitor's score.

If your competitor gets a higher DA score than yours, its chances of ranking increase as compared to yours or vice versa.

Importance of DA score for SEO?

DA is a buzzword in the SEO market and we see an appreciable number of people clamoring over it.

You can say that DA is the selling point of your SEO as it provides you a tool to determine how well your SEO has been taken care of.

In reality, the factors that govern your SEO are actually embedded in domain authority, Consider the factors that Moz specifies to calculate DA score.

Moz calculates this score by taking into account almost 40 factors. Out of which some are more prominent.

  1. High-quality content.
  2. Quality and relevance of backlinks.
  3. Social shares
  4. Technical SEO.

Now, these factors are also Google ranking factors and you need to tweak them right to do better SEO. In this way, the Domain authority score tells how good your website SEO is. Therefore, it is important for your blog's SEO health.

Domain authority checker

This tool has gathered enough good reviews from bloggers and webmasters who are interested to analyze their website's DA.

Why Domain Authority is Important for SEO? 5 recommended tools to check DA.

It not only gives DA but also PA, Moz Rank, and indexed pages on Google.

Therefore, you can say that it is a reliable tool to use. Moreover, its fast speed and accurate results make it the best tool.

Among other benefits, you can use this DA checker to get a domain ranking of 20 URLs. Therefore, it is known as a bulk DA checker.

Unlike other tools of the same industry, this DA PA checker checks all websites for free. This makes it an out-of-league tool that gives unique features.

Bulk Domain Authority checker—Seo checkpoints

It has been the topmost DA checker that gives accurate results in seconds. Owing to its simple design webmasters tilt towards this tool because they find it very easy to use.


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Apart from this, the tool gives highly precise results that can be used to know how likely your website will rank.

Therefore, the checker is recommended to you to utilize its benefits as much as you can. It is a free-to-use tool that does not charge anything from you yet gives you the freedom to check as many websites as you can.

It simply gives the DA score of a URL while it can check bulk domains in one go. So, you can use this tool to find DA rank.

Domain authority and page authority checker tool—eye swift

As recommended by bloggers, this tool has incorporated new features that will promote SEO signals by checking the score of a website or a webpage.

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This feature makes it a wonderful tool to know your website's popularity. Moreover, it is free to use so you can check through this tool without any problem.

However, you can not check more than one URL at a time because it is not a bulk score checker. IT results are error-free and accurate.

Hence, you can easily check your website's position by opening the website and entering the URL inside it to see the DA as well as PA of your website.

Domain Authority checker—Theseotools

This tool will provide you with a new user experience because it has an interactive design. Moreover, you can get a URL score of more than 20 websites at a time provided each URL is written on a separate line.

Why Domain Authority is Important for SEO? 5 recommended tools to check DA.

In a matter of seconds, you will get the DA score of any website whether it is ranked or not. Besides, you will get a PA score as well.

So, you should try this tool to see if it works better for you.

Bulk DA, PA, Spam score checker tool—Robin Gupta

Robin Gupta's checker tool for domain authority gives you a score that defines the predictable ranking of the website whose URL you have entered into the input box.

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A tool is considered versatile if it provides some extra services besides what it is meant for. So in that case, this DA checker is one of the best because it gives a wide range of services alongside a simple DA score.

It provides a PA score, spam score, Google indexing, and even the IP address of your website. In addition, you can download the result in the form of a report inside your device.

Also, you can check a total of 10 website URLs in one go by adding the URLs of each website and clicking on the check button.

Summing up

As it is an established fact that your website's domain authority is one of the deciding factors for ranking and is important for your SEO.

Since the factors of good SEO are actually the factors of domain authority.

Not every DA checker comes to your expectations. So you should check the DA score of your website through the above-mentioned tools.

Thank you for reading!

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