5 best tools you need to know for converting XML to JSON

5 best tools you need to know for converting XML to JSON

When it comes to designing software or web pages, you need to deal with different formats and languages. Some frameworks are widely used because of their efficient working and responsive manner.

Converting XML to JSON

The most used languages include XML, JSON, HTML, and a few others. If you are working as a programmer, you must have worked with many of these languages in different dimensions.

Being a programmer, you must understand what is the significance of these languages and how you can interconvert them. It is because you have to deal with different languages and might need to convert any of them as per the requirements of the program.

Mostly, you need to convert XML to JSON and vice versa. The reason is that these languages are considered the best in programming any program within a short time.

The core aim of writing this handy guide is to tell you about both these languages briefly. We will also show you how you can convert these languages into one another.

What is XML?

XML (Extended Markup Language) is a commonly used format for storing and transforming data. Many well-known companies use this format for data transformation.

RSS feeds are the major and widely used example of XML. Most of the RSS feeds of different websites and blogs are developed using XML format.

What is JSON?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format is used to store and represent data by JavaScript object syntax. It has unique importance for programming purposes.

The data available in the JavaScript Object can easily be converted to JSON format. This specific format is widely used to represent structured data on different forms for getting desired results.

Why convert XML data into JSON?

5 best tools you need to know for converting XML to JSON

Today, people prefer to use JSON format over XML. The reason behind this is JSON is considered better in terms of working and processing than XML.

You may also have to deal with any of those software or web pages. To get better results, you may need a perfect and reliable XML to JSON converter tool.

The XML format is a human-friendly format that can be understood by many programmers easily. However, the JSON format is made purely with a machine-based programming language that is JavaScript.

How to convert XML to JSON and vice versa?

Due to the huge importance of these languages, many programmers want to know how they can convert these languages. Are you one of those programmers? If yes, this is where you can learn about this task.

Like all other tasks, you can convert JSON to XML manually. This process will take a lot of hard work and time as you need to keep multiple rules of conversion in your mind.

The best and simplest way is to use an online tool for this task. There are hundreds of tools available over the internet for this task. You might feel it hard to access the best tool because of high competition.

Therefore, we have enlisted the 5 best tools after comprehensive research. By reading the following sections, you will be able to get this task done with perfection within a few seconds.

Top 5 best XML to JSON converting tools


5 best tools you need to know for converting XML to JSON

It is an online free tools provider platform. It has many beneficial tools which may help you a lot in your daily work. XML to JSON converter tool available on this platform is a masterpiece indeed.

By using this free tool, you can convert files from XML format to JSON in seconds. Conversion through this tool is very easy as you do not need to learn something especially to use this.

You just need to write or paste XML code in the dedicated box and then click on the arrow button. Your XML data will convert into JSON format in seconds.

This tool also has a feature of saving or sharing which makes it easy to use the converted data as you like. This tool is totally free and you do not require a login to use this. You can also find JSON to XML format on this platform.


This is also a free online tools and software providing platform. You can find many useful tools here for free. XML to JSON converter available at this platform is also one of the finest tools available in the category.

It is a very easy-to-use tool and you can get your desired results without learning. Just type or paste XML data in the box and click on the convert button. You can download as well as copy the result easily.

Sometimes, the XML to JSON converter available at Site24x7 works a little bit slower. You can refresh the page to get fast results.


The XML to JSON converter by pdfmall.com is also one of the best converters available online. It gives accurate and most matched results in minutes.

To convert XML to JSON using this tool, you have to follow a two-step procedure. You have to upload the file that you want to convert or enter the URL in the given box.

Then you just have to select the text recognition mode before clicking on the convert now button. After that, wait for a while and let the converter do its task. You will get the converted file in a few minutes. You can download or share this file now easily.


Url-decode.com also provides a fantastic XML to JSON converter tool for free. The only negative point in this tool is you can only copy the results, not download them.

It is a safe, easy, and fast converter that converts data in seconds. You can paste, write, upload, browse, or enter the URL of the file which you want to convert.

When you have done uploading the file, click on the convert button. The final results will be in the below box in a few minutes. You can copy the result from this box. There is no option to download a file.


This tool is also a very good and simple to use tool. It makes converting XML to JSON an easy task. You just need to paste or upload the file. There is also the option for URL so you can enter the file's URL too.

Click on the convert button and wait for a while. The tool will generate results which will be shown in the result box. You can now download the results or can also copy them.


XML to JSON converting tools are available online but it is hard to find the best. We have made this list of top 5 tools for you with a short description. This list will help you a lot in getting work done quickly.

Thank you for reading!

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