Low Quality Backlinks vs High Quality Backlinks | A Brief Introduction!

Low Quality Backlinks vs High Quality Backlinks | A Brief Introduction!

Low Quality Backlinks vs High Quality Backlinks. What are the differences? Here you will know the answer.

I have been asked many times by the new bloggers, what is the difference between low-quality backlinks and high-quality backlinks. That is why I have decided to write a complete backlinks guide mentioning both low and high-quality backlinks.

What will be discussed?

  • What are low-quality backlinks?
  • high-quality backlinks
  • What is PBN?

Let's start the discussion thoroughly.

low quality backlinks

I will start the discussion with bad backlinks and then go further to the good backlinks.

  • Irrelevant Backlinks (not niche related)
  • Links from adult and gambling sites
  • Backlinks from sites having spam score of 3+
  • Sponsored Links
  • Sitewide Links

As there are many techniques available to get backlinks, so in this category, I am going to mention which backlinks are now not considered much when it comes to rankings.

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Profile Links
  • Forum Signature Links

Due to the huge misuse of these techniques for the past few years, Google has decided to decrease its value. These backlinks do not actually harm your site but also don't play a role in increasing the rankings of your site.

That is why I have decided to mention them as low-quality backlinks. So, do not waste your time in building such links.

Although there are tons of ways to get quality backlinks, I will mention those which are common and actually work.

No doubt they are the best ways of getting backlinks but the quality of the backlink matters a lot with the content you are posting along. So avoid posting low quality spun content, as this will decrease the value of your backlinks.

One more thing, along with the quality, length of the content also matters.

Whenever you do the guest posting or web 2.0 submission make sure your content is 100% unique, readable, and minimum 500 words.


low quality backlinks

This is also a common question asked by the newbies, are PBNs safe? Is this a quality method of getting backlinks? etc…

According to me, PBN backlinks could be of both low quality and vice versa. That is why I have put it in a separate category.

First, let me give you an overview of PBNs.

What is a PBN?

This is a term used for both public and private blog networks. Most commonly this term is used for private blog networks.

There are basically 2 types of PBNs.

  • Expired or non-expired Web 2.0 PBN
  • Expired or non-expired real domains PBN

What makes a PBN Bad or Good?

Following things make a PBN bad.

  • If registered on the same Email ID
  • Having the same Hosting Provider
  • No Real pages (Contact us, About us etc…)
  • Having the same IP addresses
  • Low Quality, spun content
  • Too Many Outbound Links
  • Same Theme on all the sites
  • Same name or details

If you can avoid these mistakes and make your PBN safe and look like a real site then you can definitely use this technique.

But if you do not pay attention to the above-mentioned most common mistakes then be ready to hit by a Google Penalty.


Wrapping it Up!

I hope now you have understood all about backlinks. As Google is now focusing most on quality than quality so try to build more quality backlinks to achieve higher rankings quickly.


is SEO illegal?

SEO is legal if you don't try to trick Google.

Can I teach myself SEO?

Yes, you can, just try to start learning it.

What is toxic score of site?

The toxic score can help you for explaining that which links are bad for your website.

Thank you for reading!

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