How To Make Your Laptop Fans Quieter (7 Quick Hacks)

How to Make Your Laptop Fans Quieter? (7 Quick Hacks)

So, are you wanted to make Laptop Fans Quieter? Don't like the noise? This article is for you. With time, fans of PCs and laptops start to produce a sound that resembles a jet engine's noise. The sound of the fan is very vociferous. While working with that blaring sound of the laptops and PCs is indeed an annoying thing to hear continuously. When it comes to gaming laptops, the noisy fan's sound is distracting. So, for perfect gaming, quite gaming laptops are crucial.

One big reason for the noisy fans is the improper maintenance of the hardware. It is a fact that the components of the computer and laptop require proper keeping and regular cleaning. Dirt, dust, and other particles in the atmosphere affect the PCs and laptop cooling fans.

Here we have sorted seven quick hacks that can fix your noisy laptop fans. These troubleshooting tips help you perform your work in a quiet environment and have the ultimate gaming fun on quiet gaming laptops.

Hack#1 Clean Laptop and PC Fans

How to Make Your Laptop Fans Quieter
Too hot doesn't always mean you need to cool it down :)

Fans are usually the most air-exposed part of the hardware; that is why cooling fans play a significant role in sucking up the dust and accumulating dirt with other contaminations inside the laptops and PCs. The accrued dust and other pollutants cause hurdles in the flawless flow of the cooling fans' blades. The constrained fan blade's movements make it noisy and loud. Therefore, a proper clean up once a month will keep your hardware quiet and in good working condition.

PC fan cleaning is simple. You need to remove the base panel or side panel of the desktop. Mostly the back panel is fixed with four screws that can easily open with a screwdriver. While for laptops, the extracting of the cooling fan is a slightly lengthy process. Laptops fans require more cautious moves because you would not want to void your laptop warranty.

Once you have collected all the essential tools for opening the laptop, you can proceed with the removable back panel and extracting the dirty fan out of it. Clean the extracted cooling fan to make your laptop silent.

Hack#2 For The Laptops and Desktops Choose a Place with Good Airflow

A well-ventilated place for laptops and desktops is necessary. A place where the airflow is decent ensures proper ventilation of the machines. Do not place your laptops in the suffocated spaces because the fans will not perform well, and ultimately they will jam or stuck while moving. These will damage the fans, and it will become noisy as well.

Always choose a well-ventilated space for a PC or laptop because when hardware fans get sufficient air, they will perform well and keep your machine cool. Well ventilated airflow also increases the life of the hardware.

Hack#3 Use Cooling Pads for The Laptops

Laptops are portable, but it is also a fact that laptops need more maintenance as compared to desktops. For a noisy laptop fan, a quick hack is to use cooling pads while using them. The laptop cooling pads are easily available in markets.

A laptop cooler is an external set of fans that can be placed underneath the machine. These fans suck all the heat from the laptop's motherboard. External cooling fans physically elevate the laptops from the surface and make sure well-ventilated airflow underneath the machine. The whole setup cools down the laptop efficiently. Therefore, cooling pads are good investments for laptop maintenance.

Hack#4 Examine Running Software

When you are working with or using intensive applications, the desktops and laptops' cooling fans work at full speed and produce some noise. But when machines in an idle state and cooling fans yet produce noise, it indicates malware or some software problem.

To avoid any machine malfunctioning caused by malware or virus software. A precautionary measure is to use authentic antivirus scanners. Such software keeps your desktops and laptops clean from any malware.

The second thing you need is to check the desktop or laptop running programs by Windows Task Manager. The short key for opening the task manager is Ctrl + Shift + Esc. The Windows Task Manager displays a list of all the executing processes and resources your machine is currently using.

If the task manager displays memory or CPU 100%, it is an indication of the machine's overuse. Just disable, stop, or uninstall any intensive application or processes overusing the desktop or laptop.

Task Manager
My task manager. Chrome is hungry!

Hack#5 Use Software for Cooling Fan Control

Sometimes a third party software for controlling the cooling hardware is an optimal choice. The software controls the fan speed according to the running processes, along with that. Such software displays a detailed report of the machine's internal temperatures as well.

Several cooling fan control soft wares are available that works well for both laptops and desktops.

Hack#6 Replace Damaged Fans with New Fans

After using all of the above hacks, yet you face the overheating and noisy cooling fans problem, then it is time to replace the old cooling fan with a new one. One reason for that is maybe your machine is old, and the ball bearing of the cooling fans has been worn out.

Fortunately, the cooling fan's hardware is easily available and easily replaceable as well. There is also an option of external cooling fans that do not need to be installed inside the machine.

Hack#7 Regular Window Maintenance

As we all know that the cause of the noisy cooling fans is a dusty atmosphere. But it does not always happen. Sometimes noisy and loud cooling fans are due to malware or overuse of the machines. But it is a fact that there are other reasons for the loud and whirring desktops and laptops. Therefore, a periodic checkup of the desktops or laptop's windows is mandatory to keep the machines in good working condition.

We hope that you will get quieter and well-maintained desktops and laptops by applying our seven quick hacks. Make your laptop fans quieter?

Bonus video: Laptop Fans Quieter


Will more fans make my PC quieter?

It depends on your fans. If you have quiet fans so no matter how many fans you have. It will be quiet.

How do you stop coil whine?

1. Return/replace the component under warranty.

2. Wait a while.
3. Limiting the framerate.
4. Changing fan speeds.
5. Power limiting, overclocking, underclocking, and undervolting.
6. Moving the computer further away.
7. Securing the inductor coils.
8. Insulating the PC with sound dampening foam.

Why is CPU fan so loud?

It can be caused by dust and dirt.

Thank you for reading!

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