Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Automation 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Automation 2021

Handling social media accounts to grow them requires hard work and consistency throughout the process. The start has always been the hardest for different tasks, especially when you have a particular target and you're nowhere near it. Applicable in all situations, various tools and devices have always helped us get past the struggles.

Similarly, Instagram growth services and automation tools can support us through the process of organic Instagram growth. Thousands of users and companies have turned to Instagram marketing service providers for immediate positive results. This is the reason you need to think about other social platforms, for example, you can even buy LinkedIn followers.

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram Automation

Employing third-party software to manage your account is what is known as Instagram automation. And they carry out specific tasks involving users without your presence. It can be classified into two:

  1. Control of services that take effectively interact with users such as likes and comments.
  2. The tools used to automate the service carries out tasks like publishing, reporting, and analytics

As a user of this platform, you must have encountered a bot unknowingly like comment spam, mysterious views on your stories, or phantom followers who disappear explain a bot activity. These activities explain why automating your IG activities is a risky affair.

The platform has been dealing with authenticity issues for ages, and they have put measures in place to stop these automated bots that infringe on their best practices. For instance, in 2017, when Instagress was shut down.

Instagram Automation

Through Instagram automation, aspiring social media influencers, business owners, and social media managers no longer have to perform a great bulk of tasks that consume so much time and effort.

It leverages third-party software or “Instagram bots” to perform different kinds of functions that help you manage your account better and ease you from the heavy workload of increasing your following and engaging with customers. To get more exposure you may try to buy Instagram auto likes too.

Bot tools work through being in charge of different engagements or interactions with your specified target audience in hopes of gaining a follower and the same level of interactions with these potential followers into your account.

It is one of the popular ways to achieve instant organic growth. However, different questions arise from the topic of using these automation tools. Here are some of those questions:

Is it safe to use this automated service?

Instagram automation, under Instagram's terms & conditions, is prohibited. However, when these tools perform within the guidelines set by Instagram, such as the level of engagement an account can have, the delay time between posts, and the number of messages, comments, and posts an account can have, your account would not be detected at all. Thousands of users, especially businesses, use Instagram automation tools for their different advantages for the company.

What is the Legitimate tasked to be automated?

One of the ways why Instagram prohibits Instagram automation is because it causes spamming. Since using Instagram automation tools comments randomly on posts, inappropriate comments can result from this primarily that bots only assess positions through hashtags and cannot analyze the photo, video, or content itself.

With that said, liking, following, unfollowing relevant and irrelevant users to keep a following desirable ratio for accounts, scheduling posts, and gathering data from different users and followers are some of the Instagram tasks where automation tools can be safely and effectively used.

Commenting and sending the direct message are tasks that should not be automated since it can lead to spamming and, thus, your account being blocked from Instagram.

What are the possible results I should expect?

The tools used in this process can instantly increase your follower count just by following individuals relevant to the content or products your account offers.

When users check their notifications, they know who followed them. This will lead them to explore your account and be exposed to your content or products and services that they may like. This will result in the growth of followers.

Additionally, schedules on share frequency and timing analysis may be automated, so you only have to worry about making the content and not about when you should post, how much you should post, and more.

Also, being consistent and maximizing analytic reports from the tools' report can provide you with a beneficial audience/customer demographic and demand information to further improve your account.

The pros and cons of Instagram automation?

There are two sides to each coin, including automating functions on your IG account.


Since these tasks are carried out without your participation, they save time on small jobs. Growing a following on IG is no easy task as it requires much effort, strategies, and time. Creating relevant content in itself is a vast and involving task, and adding interactions in the comment section makes it worse, which is why automation comes in handy.

Automation undoubtedly grows your following fast without hassle. Spending time on your platform interacting with contacts will, in all ways. Grant you more followers and relevance online, by default. The caveat is whether what you are pushing forward interests your followers. You should be cautious if you are gaining all followers through automation because they could also be spam.


IG is not a fan of automated hacks, as witnessed before when the platform shutdown Instagress. Automation bots are considered spam, and it will not be strange if the hammer is brought down on them.

The platform encourages users to authentically and organically gain followers through engagement and relevant provisions in real-time. There are limits and penalties for any action that stands out as a potential game to their algorithm.

Automation means you are never present to relate with followers and online happenings in real-time. Thus, you miss out on essential customer interactions and providing relevant feedback to your followers. For this reason, you should only automate some aspects of your account once in a while so that you can also take part in finding followers.


Instagram automation is rampant if you look carefully at the happenings on the platform. Using the tactic is beneficial but also detrimental if extensively used. If you intend to speed up your growth on the platform, then you are thinking right. However, don't be dependent on these bots because they can. In return, earn you spam followers as you lose faithful following.

Naturally, we all hate communicating with machines. People will note the repetitive words replying to all comments relaying the same message. If your presence online is of great importance to you, make time to gain a following authentically.


Are Instagram bots dead?

No, Instagram bots are not dead and they can't be in the future. However, work with Instagram bots is not easy.

Because Instagram is improved versatility with mobile phones and most people use phones for pictures.

Can you be anonymous on Instagram?

Yes, you can. You can choose the not real name and make your profile private. That option can hide your photos.

Thank you for reading!

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