Sales Automation For Beginners

Sales Automation for Beginners – What you need to know

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  1. What is sales automation?
  2. Why should you consider sales automation?
  3. Sales Automation CRM
  4. How does sales automation software benefit sales managers?
  5. How does sales automation software benefit sales reps?
  6. Bonus video: What Is CRM And Why Is It Important?
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As you build your business, you are likely to make mistakes at every stage, from creating ineffective content to poor marketing, lack of leads, and low conversion rates. For example, you’ve probably lost multiple leads because you did not follow up with them on time. Or you had tons of leads, but you did not screen them correctly in order of best fit for you. If you find yourself in one or all of these situations, this article should bring you some clarity.

As you grow your brand and acquire more leads and conversions using videos for sales, you will need to automate your sales process to ensure things run seamlessly.

What is sales automation?

Sales automation describes the mechanization of manual, time-consuming sales tasks through software, artificial intelligence (AI), and many other digital tools. Sales automation aims to manage or own responsibilities that sales reps and managers have to do daily, weekly, or monthly.

Why should you consider sales automation?

The following benefits will show you why you should consider going for sales automation:

  • It increases the productivity and performance of your sales representatives.
  • It greatly improves your efficiency.
  • It boosts your accuracy and streamlines your sales process.
  • It enables you to make sure you do not lose your leads.
  • Sales automation helps streamline the quality of your sales tasks.
  • It does well to minimize the response time to make sure that the customer is satisfied.
  • Enables you to keep your data consistent across your sales organization.
  • Allows you to use scarce resources such as a small sales team or a limited budget efficiently.

Sales Automation CRM

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a vital cog of your sales automation process. Your sales automation processes will not happen in the absence of a robust CRM. Therefore, you need to find excellent free CRM software to care for your customer relationship management and sales automation.

CRM software enables you to track, organize, and take care of your leads and customers without hassle. Some of the CRM software’s essential automation tasks include rep outreach, contact data, and prospect activity, among others.

Sales Automation for Beginners - What you need to know

How does sales automation software benefit sales managers?

Sales managers have a ton of sales responsibilities. Automating the sales process can help managers in the following ways:

Lead Rotation

As you probably know by now, assigning leads manually is an arduous process and takes up entirely too much time and bandwidth. Instead, you could use this time and energy to take care of other essential tasks.

You also run the risk of committing errors and losing your leads as a result. To reduce the risk of losing leads, you could use an auto-rotator or CRM software to screen out leads based on factors, including business size, geographic location, and other relevant parameters. Doing this can help you boost your efficiency.


Reporting is another vital task to handle as a sales manager. If you are the head of a sales team, you will probably spend more time than required to draw up reports and send them to multiple team members. To save time and boost your productivity, consider using your CRM software to create automated email reports.

You can send your salespeople’s stack ranking every day and your sales director a weekly report. Doing this can help you save time and boost your team’s motivation and productivity.

Lead Scoring

While lead scoring is important, lead scoring is even more vital. You need to make sure your sales reps get the best leads, which means you may use a lead scoring system. This system utilizes behavioral and demographic data to analyze leads to check if they qualify. Doing this can help you get your sales reps to prioritize your leads efficiently.

However, before you spend on a lead scoring system, you have to ensure you have enough leads to begin with. If you barely have any leads coming in, prioritize that and focus on getting as many leads as possible.

Once you have a decent tally of leads, consider getting a lead scoring system. Meanwhile, study sources like online behavior, social engagement, lead capture forms, and data enrichment tools.

How does sales automation software benefit sales reps?

Sales reps have a different set of responsibilities from sales managers. Here’s how sales automation software helps sales reps:

Lead enrichment

Sales automation software helps in lead enrichment. The more information you have about your prospect, i.e., industry, size, budget, business, responsibilities, brand awareness, online presence, vendors, and so on, the easier it will be for you to establish a relationship with them.

Email templates

Be sure to avoid copy-pasting or typing out messages for each email from scratch. If you want to increase your efficiency, your best bet is to use email templates. Start by drafting master versions of the emails you send your prospects regularly and use them as templates. Then, customize those templates for each prospect.

Sales email automation

Sometimes, you will need to send your prospect more than one email in a row if you do not get a reply. Consider using Hubspot Sequences for this. For example, you may start an email marketing campaign, personalize it to the prospect, and include personalization tokens for their business and contact details. Also, details specific to them to make your messages custom and more personal. You have the option to stop sending the messages when the prospect replies.

Bonus video: What Is CRM And Why Is It Important?


What are the sales tools?

1. CRM software.

2. Sales intelligence.
3. Sales acceleration software.
4. Sales gamification.
5. Sales analytics software.
6. Video conferencing software.
7. e-signature and document tracking.
8. Account-based marketing software.

How do you automate cold emails?

1 Identify Lead Buckets.
2 Hire and Train to Build Lead Lists.
3 Write a Custom Email Drip.

Is cold emailing effective?

Yes, it is very effective for your sales. Use it boldly.

Thank you for reading!

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