9 YouTube Video Marketing Tactics Other than SEO

9 YouTube Video Marketing Tactics Other than SEO

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  1. Create thumbnails:
  2. Create end cards:
  3. Add subtitles:
  4. Team up with influencers:
  5. Team up with competitors’:
  6. Add the watermark:
  7. Create playlists:
  8. Respond to comments:
  9. Create live videos:
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YouTube is a popular search engine for video content. Searching keywords, creating relevant content, and optimizing it for those keywords isn’t the only way to market yourself on YouTube. There is a multitude of techniques you can use to market yourself on this diverse platform. Today, I will share the top video marketing tactics other than SEO you can use to generate more views, likes, subscribers, traffic, leads, and sales.

Create thumbnails:

YouTube’s users are visual learners. They are visiting the network to watch videos, not read. This is why if you want to grab their attention, you should add thumbnails to all your videos. The thumbnail shouldn’t just grab their attention but should also convince them to play the video.

So, make sure you create thumbnails that do both these jobs. To attract attention, you can use bright and high contrasting colors. And to get them to play the video, you should include some information about it. This could be a still from the video or the video title or both for YouTube video marketing.

You can easily create thumbnails like these with free tools such as a background remover and a photo editor. And after you create the thumbnail, make sure you set it as the thumbnail with the YouTube editor.

Create end cards:

The end card is the last part of the video on YouTube. You might have seen them in some videos. They appear in the last 5 to 20 seconds of a video. They have elements such as playlists, recommended videos, a subscribe button, a link, etc. These are great calls to action that can help you drive more views, or subscribers, or traffic, whatever your goal is.

Most people don’t make the most of this free real estate that YouTube is providing. Make sure you create an attractive end card and then promote your elements depending on the goal. For traffic, you can use a link element; for views, you can use a playlist element, and so on.

Add subtitles:

83% of people watch videos on mute. Therefore, if you don’t optimize your videos for silent viewing, you will miss out on views and sales. One way to optimize your videos for silent viewing is by adding subtitles. So, use a good video editing platform that lets you quickly add subtitles to your videos.

Adding subtitles will also make it easy for people who don’t have the best English grasp (or the language your video is in) to follow along. This will help you establish a global presence with video. Try to get the subtitles to really stand out in your videos.

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Team up with influencers:

YouTube is full of influencers who are sharing helpful and entertaining content. They have hundreds and thousands of subscribers. Some even have millions. If you are looking for a quick way to get more views or subscribers, or sales, you should team up with them. But then again, be careful about who you pick.

The influencers you choose should have not only a good following but also high levels of engagement. Many people are buying fake subscribers and views to trick businesses into paying them more for video sponsorship. It’s a big racket. Use a good tool to find fake influencers or hire someone who will help you out. Otherwise you may find out more about the best YouTube bot to grow faster.

Team up with competitors’:

You don’t have to only team up with influencers. You can also team up with competitors’ to promote each other’s videos. It might be hard to team up with direct competitors, but you can team up with indirect competitors’.

For example, if your company sells Almond milk, it might be hard to team up with a company that sells other nut milks or regular milk. Still, you can team up with a company that sells health products like chia seeds as you are both targeting people concerned about their health. But you aren’t competing with each other. So, a partnership will benefit you both; you won’t lose any sales from it.

This way, always be on the lookout for competitors’ to team up with. The partnerships can go beyond YouTube. This is the reason you need to think about other social platforms, for example, you can even buy Twitch followers.

Add the watermark:

Have you ever noticed a logo at the bottom right of YouTube videos? This is known as the watermark. Sometimes you don’t see a logo but another type of image, and when you scroll over it, a subscribe button appears. This is a great way to convert views into subscribers. Make sure you add it to all your videos for youTube video marketing tactics.

Create playlists:

One way to get people to watch more and more of your videos is by creating playlists with all your videos and promoting them. This will ensure that people watch more of your videos as soon as one finishes.

But to get the best results, only group relevant videos in your playlists. If they aren’t relevant, people will lose interest and find something else that is.

Respond to comments:

People love leaving comments on YouTube videos. But the video creators don’t usually respond to them. If you want to build a community and relationship with your viewers, you should respond to these videos. It will help a lot. It will show that you care about their opinions. They will come back to watch more videos and leave more positive comments; this will indicate it as a positive sign for YouTube, and the algorithm will begin recommending your videos to more relevant viewers.

But only respond to positive comments, stay clear of negative ones. There’s no need to drag your reputation through the dirt by lowering yourself to their level.

Create live videos:

Recorded videos do well on LinkedIn, but the videos that do even better are live videos. As they are a one-time event, more people will want to watch them. So, organize a live video once or twice a week, at least. In these, you can talk about something new or promote your existing videos.


These are the different tactics you should be using to market your videos. Make sure you invest your time and money into them today.

Bonus video: YouTube Video Marketing Tactics


Who owns YouTube now?

Google owns YouTube right now from 2006.

How do I monetize my YouTube channel?

1. In the left menu, tap ‘Monetization.’

2. Choose the type of ads that you want to run.
3. Tap

Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid?

Yes, you need at least 1,000 subscribers to get paid.

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