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Checking each URL individually to confirm whether it is indexed or not is a tiresome job. The Google Index Checker is a fast and efficient tool that contains URLs in bulk and gives results after few seconds. This lets you know which website domain is listed in the Google index and which is not.


What is Google Index:

Google index is a list of all webpages recognized and approached by Google in response to a search query. Without indexing, a page cannot appear in Google search results. This index is continuously updated and contains hundreds of billions of webpages.

Google has a crawl quota for each website. It means that Google bot will crawl a certain number of pages present on a website. Therefore Google doesn’t need to crawl every page of your website.


What is Google Index Checker Tool?

The Google Index Checker is an efficient tool offered by Limitless Referrals, which helps SEO professionals, webmasters, and website owners check indexed pages. If a page is not indexed, the tool will automatically check whether its domain is indexed or not. Google Index Checker gives the indexation status in this form.

Indexed – means that the page is indexed.

Page not indexed – means that this specific page is not indexed.

Domain not indexed – means the whole website is not indexed.


Why is Google Index necessary?

When Google does not index a website, it means that for Google, it doesn’t exist. Therefore, there is no chance of its ranking on SERPs and getting any traffic. The same goes for the individual pages present on a website. The indexing of a page depends on its size, depth, and the website’s authority.

This tool is also useful for another purpose. When you are prospecting a backlink, you must check the value of that page and its domain before inserting it into your content. If that page is not indexed, you must try finding more valuable links.


Why Google does not index individual pages:

There may be several reasons that a page does not get indexed.

  • The page is new, and Google has not discovered it yet.
  • The page is of low quality, or the website is too large.

Similarly, there are specific reasons that a domain does not get indexed.

  • The domain is new, and Google does not yet discover it.
  • Google has not indexed the website intentionally.
  • The website is spammy, or it violates Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • The website has used black hat SEO techniques to rank on Google.


Why is Index Status Strongly Linked to SEO?

Indexing is the fundamental step of SEO. Before getting backlinks, it is necessary to be aware of the relevant page’s indexing status and domain. For example, if a page is not indexed and the domain is indexed, it may or may not give some value to your web page. If a domain is not indexed because it is brand new, it will have some value. The de-indexed domains are considered toxic for SEO.



Google Index checker must be used to check the Google indexing of your pages and verify the indexing of all the pages you are going to backlink on your site.

Thank you for reading!