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About Line Counter

Line and Characters Counter - Count number of lines in text

This tool will counter amount of lines in text for you

A line counter is a tool that every writer may need at some stage during their work. Writers who often write proposals have to use a limited number of words, characters, and lines. It is easy to count lines manually when the document is of a small size. But when working with large documents such as e-books, it is almost impossible to count lines manually. 

Limitless Referrals Line Counter is an easy way of counting lines. It will save a lot of time that you otherwise spend on counting lines manually. You only have to copy and paste the text into the tool. The device will immediately show the desired results regarding the total number of words, sentences, and lines.

Who can use the Line Counter Tool?

Web developers most often feel it convenient if they know the line counting. It helps them in analyzing the effort required in creating the programming codes. It is also helpful in analyzing the productivity of given software.

It also helps bloggers and article writers to know how much they have written about what was required from them. This allows them to create concise yet informative content. You can learn about the number of available lines allocated for text in the body of a webpage.

Why is the Line Counter Used?

The line counter is used to analyze the quantity of content. It is always helpful to know the textual amount of a given text. Readers usually avoid reading very long articles, and in this way, the bounce rate of a website may become more significant. This negatively affects the SEO of a website. Therefore it is essential to control the articles’ length appropriately to reduce the bounce rate.

Uses of Line Counter Tool:

The line counter tool can be used for diverse purposes to check the lines used in a given text.

  • It is helpful for web developers when they want to know the size of a given code. While testing an application, a developer must know the space a given code is expected to take.
  • People who are writing know-how to make the best use of lines allocated for the text. Every line must be filled with informative and engaging content. 
  • It helps students and teachers to determine the appropriate length of various assignments and essays. This time-saving tool is a great help for completing academic assignments. Teachers can also use this tool to analyze the quality of reports submitted by their students.
  • Social media such as Twitter and Facebook restrict the users regarding the volume of text you are going to post and checking the text volume on a Line Counter tool before posting saves you from a lot of hassle.


A writer’s goal is to make the readers read and understand a piece of writing. This is better done when you write your text in an expressive, clear, and concise way while keeping your natural tone. Keeping track of the number of lines a text comprises is of great value when composing text for blogs, articles, essays, and social media posts.