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Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa is the Web Information Company that works under Amazon. It enables users to access data on websites. Both free and paid versions are available for this analysis tool. Since 1996, they are focused on providing meaningful analytics for web marketers.


What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a measurement of a website’s popularity among the general public. Alexa upgrades the website rankings daily by using the traffic data from three consecutive months. The Alexa Rank Metric numbers the websites, and the lower numbers represent more traffic. Based on these numbers, we can compare the websites. 

As a comparative measure, Alexa Rank provides a competitive analysis of the ranking of websites. 

How Is Alexa Rank Calculated?

A website’s Alexa Rank is based on two inputs – page views and unique visitors. The traffic data received from Alexa’s global sample of world internet users for the previous three months is calculated through Alexa’s specialized algorithms. Then data normalization is applied to remove all biases that may be present in the data. Websites that choose to certify their ranks are directly analyzed for their actual site traffic.


How Is Alexa Rank Checker Helpful For Marketers?

Though Alexa Rank is a single metric but is a reliable tool for checking a website performance in the absence of its website analytics, here is how it helps in-house marketers and agencies.

Determine the Popularity of a Website against its Competitors:

Alexa Rank conveniently displays where a website stands in comparison with its competitors. It helps agencies in researching new clients in the cloud computing industry. For example, you can know that your new client’s website has 45,690 Alexa Rank using this free analytical platform. In this way, you become aware that your client’s website is lacking behind the other competitors’. Alexa also suggests other competitive websites.

Judge your Website’s Traffic:

When you notice that your site audience is dropping, you are curious to learn about the competing websites. If their Alexa Rank also drops, you will know that it’s an industry trend. But if your competitors are going ahead, you may be losing traffic. For further investigation, you can check the free website analytics to analyze traffic sources, backlinks, keyword performance, and much more.


Verify Web Vendor’s Claims:

Your potential clients tend to make unrealistic claims about their website, and Alexa Rank allows you to verify their websites’ performance independently. This is applicable when you want to:

  • Verify the SEO provider websites.
  • Analyze the worth of advertising on a given website or making them an affiliate partner.
  • Evaluate influencers.
  • Plan to purchase a website


Guest Posting and Outreach Marketing:

Alexa tool helps determine the website’s Alexa Rank before putting your efforts in guest posting or outreach marketing with them. 

Establish a Value for your Website:

Showing a substantial Alexa rank will help build the trust of people on your website. It becomes a useful marketing tool as others can also verify it independently.


How it helps to Gain More Audience through Competitive Analysis:

Alexa provides you with an automated analysis of your website to give insights into its strengths, weaknesses, target audience, and digital marketing opportunities. 

  • SEO Keyword Opportunities: Enter your site and learn more about the keywords that are ranking your competing websites.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: This feature provides information on how your website attracts an audience based on search, keywords, and backlinks compared to your most significant online competitors.
  • Website Traffic Statistics: Alexa rank checker shows you the website’s Alexa Rank, referral sources, engagement metrics, and much more.
  • Audience Insights: It provides information on the websites that share your audience, their favorite topics, and the most commonly used keywords.

What our SEO tool can do?

Limitless SEO offers a free online Alexa Rank Checker tool to check website traffic. Full list of features:

  1. Check Website Traffic Online
  2. Main country ( traffic source)
  3. Global rank in Alexa
  4. Regional rank in the main country
  5. Amount of backlinks ( by Alexa)