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Domain into IP Converter

A domain to IP converter tool can convert any given URL or domain into its corresponding IP address. Before we understand the purpose of this conversion, we should know about the domain and IP address.


What is Domain?

Domain names help us to search for our desired websites. We can also bookmark our favorite websites in the search browsers. If they are essential for us, we can write or save them anywhere else. But why should we know about the domain’s IP address?

We require a domain’s IP address when we need more details about the domain and its relevant website.


What is an IP Address?

A database is maintained to keep the record of all the websites present on the internet. The IP address distinguishes one website from the others. For this reason, each domain is given a unique IP address.

IP or Internet Protocol is a unique system that uses addresses to locate all devices using the internet. When a person connects a computer, mobile, tablet, or any other device to the internet, it is registered by its unique IP address.

Without a flawless addressing system, managing the internet all over the world would have been impossible. Each IP address has four numbers, and each of them contains 1 to 3 numerals. A dot separates these numbers. Each of these four numbers lies between 0 – 255. The numbers on an IP address may appear as

Now this IP address enables the users to send and receive data on the internet. IP address ensures that the transmitted data reaches its correct destination.


What is a Static IP Address?

The static IP addresses do not change over time. Static IP is given when other devices need to keep track of it.


What is a Dynamic IP Address?

Dynamic IP addresses are subjected to change with time. For example, when you are using Hosting Services and decide to change that hosting service, the service provider may change your IP Address.


How to Find IP from Domain:

There are several ways in which you can find the IP addresses from given domains. The ‘tracer’ or ‘ping’ command finds the IP address from the given domain. But sometimes, you may require a more detailed insight into the IP addresses. Secondly, these methods are lengthy and time-consuming.

A fast and efficient way for searching IP addresses is to use our Domain to IP converter. It is effortless to use. You can just copy and paste the domain name on the tool, and it will provide you with the IP address, country name, and ISP. This information helps you know about the actual service provider of your domain.

Most of the world’s web hosting service is provided by the United States. It is because they can provide the best quality service at cheaper rates. They have vast and well-designed set-ups.


How does the IP Address Helps in SEO and Business?

Knowing about the internet service provider for a particular domain helps in several ways. The domain into the IP converter tells you the IP address and the country where the domain is being hosted. In this way, you can decide about the best web hosting service provider.