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About Link Analyzer

This versatile tool helps you in keeping track of all the links related to your website. This tool allows you to analyze both external and internal links associated with your website.

Our link analyzer tool makes it simple for you to analyze the links on your website. Whether you are responding to the latest Penguin update or performing a routine link audit, this tool makes reviewing and analyzing all links a matter of seconds.

You can use this website link analyzer tool for one URL at a time. For an in-depth link audit, you will need to analyze your web pages one by one. Link checking only the home page is not sufficient for complete link analysis.

The tool counts all types of links on the provided page.:

  1. total links
  2. nofollow links
  3. dofollow links
  4. internal links
  5. external links


Our Link Analyzer tool is simple to use. You need to enter the URL of the webpage which you are going to analyze. Then select the option for an internal link, external link, or both. Also, you can check the no-follow links.

This Link Analyzer tool displays the results within seconds. The report will contain all inbound, outbound links along with the associated anchor text. If the page contains any hyperlinked images, the alt attribute of that image will be added to the report.


The free Link Analyzer tool is designed to assist website owners and SEO professionals in analyzing the links related to their webpage. Spiders use these links to crawl to your page. It will show you the following results in its report:

  • The total number of links present on a specific webpage.
  • All the internal links present on the webpage
  • All the external links present on the webpage.
  • The number of do-follow and no-follow links on a webpage.

The Link Analyzer helps you follow the links embedded on your blog or website. By analyzing all the internal and external links connected with your website, you can help it rank better on search engines.

You can also identify the dead links and remove them to enhance the quality of your page. This is beneficial for a website from a Search Engine Optimization perspective. Definitely, this step helps your page to rank better on search engine pages.


Our Link Analyzer tool is a super-efficient tool that provides complete insight into the inbound and outbound links of a particular webpage. It helps the website owners and SEO experts prepare a link analysis of their website and compare it with the competitors to grab more audience.

To get a better ranking on Google and another search engine, a webpage needs to be free from broken and bad links. Search engines prefer websites that have clean, fresh, and credible links. Instead of relying on link building software, using this Link Analyzer tool will help your page rank better on Google.


Link analyzing for checking inbound and outbound links on a webpage is a fundamental aspect of SEO. You can use our Link Analyzer tool as it provides fast and accurate results. It is free of cost and does not require downloading or registration.

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