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About Bulk IP Lookup

Bulk IP Lookup

Bulk IP address lookup is a tool that provides the location of multiple IP addresses along with their geographical details within seconds. People use this tool to see who is using their websites, applications, etc. The bulk IP lookup tool can pinpoint the users’ geographical location and display their longitude and latitude GPS coordinates.

Domain and IP, bulk lookup tool, enables you to check domain, location, ISP, and ASN for many hosts at once. You can also lookup for domains’ MX or NS DNS data. It is mainly used to research IPs present in server logs. You can search up to 100 IPs per request.


Bulk IP Lookup as a Versatile Tool:

You can use the bulk IP lookup tool to search for the position of multiple IP addresses. It works in two ways:

  • It provides a geographical interface.
  • It provides a command-line scripting option.
  1. By using the web interface, you can view and download the location of IPs on a map. Files can be downloaded in ‘JSON,’ ‘CSV,’ ‘XML’ or ‘YAML’ formats. Anyone who can paste and click on a website can use this geographical interface.
  2. If you are a programmer, you can collect the batch of IP addresses from the bulk IP lookup, including thousands or millions of IPs from a file.


What geographical information do you get from an IP lookup service?

The bulk IP lookup provides the following geographic parameters.

  • Geographic Location: This tool provides the user’s physical location at the time of access, including the country, city, and postal code.
  • Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: The bulk IP lookup device also gives information on the latitude and longitude coordinates of a web user.
  • Time Zone: It informs you about the time zone (UTC) around a web user’s given location.
  • Geo Names ID: It also helps you find out the Geo Names identifier of the given user’s location.
  • ISP: It helps you learn about the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the given IP address.
  • AS Details: It also takes into account the Autonomous System (AS) numbers, the connection types (cable/digital subscriber line [DSL], research, and content from a given IP address.
  • Related domains: It also provides you with a list of resolving domain names.
  • Internet Connection: Know which internet connection a visitor is using (mobile, broadband, etc.).

What are the practical applications of a bulk IP lookup tool?


In today’s digital marketing world, a robust IP lookup tool is essential to reach up the right audience. Through this service, you can identify your best target markets and design your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Cyber Security:

In case of a threat to the intelligence sources, the security solutions and systems use IP geolocation data to find protection against them. It is essential to identify the threat sources and block them at the IP level to prevent further damage.

Social Research:

Bulk IP lookup helps online businesses keep their visitors coming back due to their personalization. By knowing their geo-location, you can communicate with your customers in more effective ways. It also helps in using customers’ preferred payment methods and currencies for a more appropriate business strategy.

Fraud Prevention:

Obtaining users’ IP addresses also helps in preventing transaction frauds and content theft. Having a record of the geo-locations o your subscribers can help in identifying such imposters.


You can manage your traffic logs and monitoring systems using the IP location data. This is essential to meet the regulatory requirements of your country.