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About Website Screen Resolution Test

Website Screen Resolution Test

Resolution test helps the developers to preview their websites by changing the size of the browser. In this way, they can preview the website with different screen resolutions. You can use the given list or customize that list according to your usability.


What is Website Screen Resolution?

The use of the internet is no longer limited to offices and their desktop devices. Today most of the world’s internet is used from homes, via tablets and mobile phones. The multitude of internet compatible devices has made it necessary for website designers to create mobile-friendly websites. This means that your website’s design should be flexible enough to display attractively on handheld devices.

To get a better ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the website must display and perform well on mobile devices. Google’s new ranking algorithms are designed to rank websites that are user friendly. Therefore, we can say that testing a website for different screen resolutions is a crucial step in search engine optimization.


How does Screen Resolution Impact SEO?

Screen resolution has a crucial role in determining how it appears in front of its users. A website must appear correctly on all devices with varying screen resolutions such as tablets, iPhones, Android, laptops, and desktops.

It is not wrong to say that screen resolution is an essential part of SEO. Now let us understand this with a simple example. When a user opens a website on mobile or computer and the screen is not showing accurate results in terms of its resolution, the user will search for other websites. This bounce rate then negatively impacts the SEO. Secondly, if the users will not stay on the website, how can you convince them to buy your product or service? Your business will also suffer.


What is Website Screen Resolution Test Tool?

The website screen resolution test by Limitless Referrals is an online tool that allows web designers to adjust screen resolution for multiple devices and different screen sizes. This efficient tool is also an excellent resource for webmasters, web owners, and SEO specialists working with screen resolution testing.

The tool provides a handy list of the most common resolutions for laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, making the work easier. You can also enter the resolution manually if you have to check for the one not listed on the tool.


Can you perform a Website Screen Resolution Test Manually?

Suppose you want to check the website screen resolution manually. In that case, you will need to collect all the devices and their various models used by consumers to check the website screen resolution on every device. Now this manual method is costly and time-consuming. Also, there is a possibility that you don’t find all the models. Using this tool, you can test and adjust the website for different screen resolutions to ensure the site is performing well on all devices. Along with various models of computers, you can now test how the website appears on mobile devices such as Apple, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Google Nexus, Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola.



Google and other search engines favor websites that are optimized for mobile screens. This is because most of the users are searching from their mobile phones and tablets. Therefore it is essential to monitor your website’s screen resolution and adjust it accordingly.

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