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About Website Speed Checker

Website Speed Checker

Website speed checker lets you see what is slowing down your website so that you can take necessary action.

The free website speed checker tool provides a snapshot of how the website opens on computers and mobiles. Then you can make smart decisions to boost your website’s performance.

Select the browser of your choice: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. The tool tracks the loading process of your page in detail. You can check the difference in website performance on various devices and networks.


Analyze every single element

The website speed checker tool lets you know the size and quantity of website elements, including the allocation of images, CSS files, HTML files, script files, and domains. The report analyzes load progression, the connection details, and the request and response headers.

Now you can easily recognize the failed elements, slow-loading elements, and bottlenecks present on your page. Now you can focus your efforts to control your performance budget.


Compare Page Speed on Chrome, Firefox, and IE

It is estimated that Chrome drives 60% of the browsing traffic, but still, there are millions of people who reach websites through other browsers. 16% of desktop users are using Firefox and IE. Therefore you must not only focus on Chrome. It is your job to make sure all the users from other browsers also have a great experience. We test your website speed on all the latest browser versions.


Check your website speed from different locations worldwide

The free website speed checker tool lets you test your website from at least ten worldwide locations. You can locate the checkpoints which are close to your target market. In this way, you can get performance data that reflects your customers’ experience.


Faster Website is Better for SEO

Are you aware that a slow mobile speed can drop your website’s Google ranking? Google analyzes websites for user’s mobile experience. No matter how excellent your content is, a slow mobile speed can lower your rank on Google search results.


Optimize with Website Speed Checker

Everyone loves websites that have a fast loading speed. Fast loading pages reduce bounce rates, lead to higher conversions and longer user retention. Therefore working on speed is the best thing you do for improving your search engine optimization.


Share your website speed test result

You can save your results for using them later or share them with your SEO team. You can copy the link on your clipboard and share it with anyone you want. In this way, you can easily collaborate with all those concerned with designing and optimizing the website.


Test your Mobile Website Speed

We all know that mobile speed is one of the critical determinants of Google ranking. This is because there is a more significant number of mobile users than desktop users. Website speed checker allows checking website speed for various models and browsers commonly used by mobile users.



Users are browsing the internet with different internet connections, and not all of them are super fast. That’s why it is necessary to know the website’s speed and performance when it runs on different network connections.