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About DA PA Checker

DA PA Checker

Many factors influence Search Engine rankings. The overall performance and quality of websites from search engine perspectives are analyzed as Domain Authority.

DA PA Checker is used to calculate the page rankings by using a 100-point logarithmic scale. It helps in analyzing the page performance in a better way. The scores may fluctuate when Moz updates the algorithms which calculate the page authority.

How does DA PA Checker Tool Help in Improving SEO?

Domain and Page Authority measure a website’s progress when measured according to off-page SEO, social signals, SEO strategy, and ranking potential on search engines. Therefore we can say that Moz rank is the overall measure of a website’s performance and ranking ability.

When your website does not show better performance than the competitors, the DA PA scores will give an accurate measurement. It is a relative score, and one website’s DA PA score is compared with its competitors’ score.

The best way to improve your website’s DA PA score is to focus on getting niche relevant backlinks from authoritative websites. Designing a proper SEO strategy is essential if the DA PA score is not satisfactory. Appropriate link building strategy includes removing low-quality links and replacing them with high-quality links. You can also improve your DA PA score through guest posting.

When you are building backlinks on your website, you will prefer more reputable or authoritative ones. But how can you analyze the reputation of websites when there are more than 1.8 billion websites? Therefore you will need the DA PA checker standardized by Moz to know how credible the websites are.  

What is a Good DA Score?

The DA PA score near 100 is considered good. A website’s score declines as it comes below 50. Here is a simple score table that represents the domain authority level.

Domain Authority Level 
90 – 100  Outstanding 
60 – 90  Excellent 
50 – 60  Good 
40 – 50  Average 
30 – 40  Acceptable 
10 – 30  Bad 
0 – 10  Worst 

Why Should You Use Our DA PA Checker?

Using DA PA checker from Limitless Referrals gives you several benefits.

Accurate and Reliable

The DA PA checker is a reliable checking tool that gives answers almost accurately. It shows the overall ranking potential of a website as its DA (Domain Authority), whereas it shows individual web pages’ ranking ability as PA (Page Authority). Both of them are crucial in the SEO process of any website.

The DA PA Checker Tool is Free

Instead of investing with SEO firms and websites, you can use this tool for free. Our tools are designed to help people in managing their websites within a minimum budget.

The DA PA Checker is Designed for Efficiency

There can be nothing better in today’s fast-paced online world than a tool that processes results within seconds. We know that the SEO tasks are tiring and time-consuming. Therefore we focus on the efficiency of our SEO tools.


A high quality, relevant content along with good quality backlinks are fundamental to good search engine ranking. Keeping track of Domain and Page Authority will help you take the necessary steps when your rankings are affected. It also helps you in identifying “good” websites for superior quality link building.

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