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About Links Counter

As the name suggests, a link counter tool counts the links present on your site. Link building is an essential component of Search engine optimization. The links present on a website should be useful and practical enough to attract users and improve a website’s ranking on search engines.


The links counter tool available on Limitless Referrals is a useful and reliable online tool. The tool gives a realistic insight into the types and quality of links present on your webpages. By using the tool regularly, you can remain aware of the quantity and quality of your links.

The link counter tool counts various types of links on the site, including;

  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Dofollow links
  • Nofollow links

The tool will also provide information about the following;

  1. A list of every link URL that is present on the page.
  2. The type of link
  3. Anchor text
  4. Anchor type – text or image
  5. Dofollow or Nofollow


Here is a brief review of each link type that can be present on a web page.


Internal links in a website help Google crawl and index your pages efficiently. In the absence of internal links, Google may take a longer time indexing your pages, and they will not promptly show in search results. Internal links also help users visit various pages of your website. Internal links send the users to pages that contain relevant information. In this way, the visitors will spend more time on your website, and therefore the SEO is improved.


External links are also an essential part of search engine optimization. They are considered as trust signals coming from other websites. Therefore, when you have a good number of high-quality links, Google sees them as a vote of confidence, and they improve the ranking potential of a website. As a webmaster, you must monitor the external links closely. If a malicious or spam site creates a connection with your website, Google is likely to de-index your site.


Dofollow links allow users and search engines to reach their websites by following them. These types of links have their own ‘link juice,’ which means they are suitable for your SEO.

Nofollow links do not have any ‘link juice,’ and they are therefore not beneficial for SEO. This is because they should be avoided as they can negatively impact the SEO of your website.


As a webmaster, your efforts should be centered on building the trust of your site visitors. Do not over concentrate on what is right for search engines. Instead, remain focused on building links that are good for your business. You have to make your website to attract your customers, and that’s what it should do. Links that are relevant to your industry help in establishing a brand. The links should be sufficient enough to help you build a reputation as an industry authority.



The links counter will help you analyze which links are beneficial for your website. The insight into the types of links present on your website will help you make more effective SEO strategies. In this way, you can replace the useless links with more useful high-quality links.

Thank you for reading!