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An email extractor is an online program or web application used for extracting email addresses and other relevant data from email, website, webpages, or any other online document sources. Whatever the source of your email, our tool will extract all relevant emails within few minutes.


What is an Email Extractor Used for?

An email extract is used to gather email addresses from a given source. These email addresses help form a list of emails for sending email campaigns. The online email extractor tool saves the hassle of collecting emails manually by running this process automatically.

People use email extraction tools for different purposes, but many people use them for spamming people. These people extract random email addresses using Facebook, Linked In, or Google.

Most businesses use email data for sending information to their consumers. Sometimes they are extracted and arranged in a database for manual interpretation and sending controlled messages. In some cases, they are collected and saved in software for automated messages to all the people added to the listing. This method does not require human intervention.


How to Use the Email Extractor Tool:

Email Extractor is a simple online tool that fetches valid email addresses from a given URL. To extract email ids from a given webpage, simply copy-paste or write the URL accurately. Within a few seconds, the tool will provide you with all relevant email ids. Now you can copy-paste them into a text or CVS file.

The tool can search for all email addresses hidden behind a particular domain name. For example: by pasting the domain name of ‘limitless referrals’ in the URL section, you can get to know the email addresses of people working there.


How It Works:

The algorithms of the tool search for email ids related to the source code of the website. Therefore, the tool gives a very comprehensive result. It not only represents email ids present on the front; it also searches the hidden ids from their source.


Applications of Email Extraction:

Email extraction is usually done to target potential customers in a specified niche. In this way, you can communicate with them by sending emails or approaching them via Facebook and Google ads. This sort of marketing and communication is often used by:

  1. Food services
  2. Airlines and other transportation services
  3. Real estate and property business
  4. Any other businesses
  5. You may also use them to find jobs or freelance work.

For example: if you are new to a food business, you can extract email ids from the URL of foodservice websites and web pages, especially from different forums. Now you have a target market in front of you, which you can convince through effective marketing strategies.



There are several tools available online that promise effective email scrapping. Only tech-savvy people can use these Online/ offline extraction technologies. But we have made this process of web scraping straightforward and convenient for you. Just search your relevant domains, paste their URL in our email extractor tool, and we will provide a complete list of associated email ids.