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About Broken Links Checker

Are broken links affecting your website’s ranking ability? There is no other opinion to it that error 404 pages are the best tool to keep visitors away from your website. 

The Broken Links Checker tool by SEO referrals assesses your website and analyzes all its pages to identify the broken links. 


The Broken links damage the ranking of a website by stopping the search engine crawlers on their way. These dead links may prevent your useful pages from getting indexed on Google and other search engines.

The Broken links adversely affect the User Experience by showing a 404 error when the users click on a broken link. This is enough to make the user quit scrolling and go to your competing websites.


The Broken Links Checker by Limitless Referrals is an online SEO tool that helps webmasters, web owners, and SEO experts in checking the broken links present on a website.


A tool on which you can rely

Limitless Referrals Broken Links Checker is powered by special algorithms that collect data from the live backlinks database in the online industry. Therefore it presents the most reliable information in front of you.


Free Checking

You don’t need to pay anything for checking your websites on this tool. Even if you are checking multiple websites, you can check them for free.


No need for Expensive Packages

We do not ask our customers to buy expensive SEO packages as some other SEO websites do. Our tools are open for everyone who is working to improve their websites.


The broken links checker will help you improve your SEO in many ways:


Eliminate all Broken Links

Instantly check and remove all broken outbound links from your website. Periodically running this test is essential to discover new broken links instantly before they start declining your website’s SEO.


Un-break your Broken Pages

Redirector exchange the broken links with valuable alternatives to maintain the equilibrium of links present on your website.


Remove all Dead Internal Links

Check all broken pages which contain links from somewhere else on your website. Removing them will help improve navigation. It will also allow search engine crawlers to work effectively.


Schedule a Checking

Run a check every week or at least once a month to ensure the website remains free from broken links.


Find and Replace Broken Redirects

Analyze the domains that may have been redirected. These domains are most often the toxic ones meaning that they are likely to hurt your SEO. Replace them with useful ones to improve user experience and ranking on SERPs.


Create more Link Building Opportunities

Broken link building is an emerging successful SEO technique. In this technique, you check someone else’s website for broken links to identify their broken links. The second step is to tell them about their broken link and in return politely ask them to replace that broken link with your link. In this way, both of you get a valuable link. 



Broken Links Checker is a great online tool that scans your website for broken links and displays a report in a short time. You will not need to install or run any unnecessary program on your website. The tool is simple to use and anyone who is working for a website’s SEO can use this tool without requiring extraordinary technical knowledge.