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If your IP address shows the blacklisted symbol, it means that any of the websites sharing the IP with your website is blacklisted by Google.


What is the Google Blacklist?

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide because it ensures a safe and effective online experience for its users. To prevent the users from the mischief of cybercriminals, Google has designed very efficient systems that flag all potentially malicious websites. This process is called blacklisting.

Blacklisting or flagging is a warning for users because it notifies a user to proceed with caution. When websites are blacklisted, the owners are also informed. Blacklisting also implies that Google has removed the website from its index. Therefore, when a website is blacklisted, it loses its business, organic traffic, its customers, its sales, and revenue.


How to check if the Site is blacklisted?

There are around 80 DNS-based anti-spam databases. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and web servers rely on these lists to provide a safe service to check the IP addresses linked to computers involved in unwanted activity or sending spam.

On the blacklist checker tool, you can verify whether your IP address is on the blacklist database or not. When your forum chats or email get blocked without any reason, it is an alarming signal. But even before this happens, you should monitor your website’s integrity.

The easiest way to keep track of your website is scheduling regular checking through Blacklist Checker and Suspicious domain checker tools. This analysis will give a satisfactory report when your website is free from the danger of malware. If there is any suspicious activity noticed by these tools, it is better to nip in the bud before it crashes your business.


What is Blacklist Checker Tool?

Blacklist checker tool is a free online resource that does not require any subscription, sign-up, or payments. You can use this tool to maintain your website’s integrity; it helps identify IPs that contain blacklisted websites.


Why Websites Get Blacklisted?

Sites are blacklisted when search engines and antivirus software find the presence of unique code on a website. These unique codes are often the carriers of malware, including Trojan horses, phishing schemes, another virus, and hacking schemes.

Most often, this malware goes unnoticed by the website owners. Search engines instantly identify malware and blacklist the websites to save their users and maintain their integrity.

Websites are blacklisted for different reasons. Some are blacklisted for spam, whereas others may have phishing ware. Here is a list of some of the warning messages Google use on malware containing websites:

  • This site contains Malware
  • Suspicious site
  • The website has been reported as unsafe.
  • The page contains links from unauthenticated sources.
  • Is this the right side
  • Deceptive site ahead



We have been listening from childhood, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Website owners must remain alert about their website’s safety and integrity before it’s too late. Once Google detects malware on your website, you are at a significant loss.

Thank you for reading!