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Reverse IP Domain Checker

There are many controversies regarding the dedicated IP addresses and their value for SEO. Many people ask how a dedicated IP address can boost rankings on SERPs. The reality is that a dedicated IP address can boost your SEO by increasing the website’s loading speed.


What is a Reverse IP Domain Checker?

The Reverse IP lookup tool gives the detail of all domains that are hosted on a given IP. It shows all the gTLD and ccTLD domains.

Reverse IP Domain Checker tool identifies the domain names which share the same IP address. Shared hosting is affordable because the websites on the same IP address share a standard server. This tool will show the list of all domain names which share an exact IP address when you enter that IP address or anyone’s domain name.


Why is Checking IP Address Essential?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank websites when there are a more significant number of websites linked to them. Some people try to cheat search engines and create several websites with little or no content. The only purpose of making all these websites is to link them with one domain name. Now search engines are getting smart enough to identify all such dummy websites. They do so by checking their IP address. If they all share the same IP address, they are operated by a single person or organization. Such links among websites from the same IP address are, of course, of no value for search engines.

On the other hand, links from websites hosted on separate IP addresses are valuable for search engines. For a more successful search engine optimization, some people use smarter tricks to make their website rank. They do much more than just interlinking websites with different IP addresses. They link the websites which are hosted on separate class C network addresses. They do this to make sure the search engines automatically rank the website and successfully get organic traffic.

According to Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team, an average webmaster who runs a few websites on the same IP address, there is nothing to worry about. He is not concerned with them using the same server.


Benefits of using a dedicated IP Address


Acquiring a unique IP address for a website is, however, a very safe approach. In this way, you can avoid a more significant number of potential problems. You can ask your web host to provide you a new IP address instead of a recycled one. Recycling previously blacklisted IP addresses is a common practice among web hosts. Talk with people until you find someone who understands your concern and provides you with a new IP address.

The estimated cost of acquiring a new IP address is $25 to $100 as initial fees and $2 to $25 per month after that. Here a question arises – what is the benefit of spending such an amount? And one more – Will a dedicated IP address boost my ranking on Google.

  • It will provide you with an SSL certificate, which means your website becomes more accessible for Google crawlers.
  • When websites attract massive traffic run on shared hosting IP addresses, they are likely to crash or face website downtime. They lose their customers, and their SEO is severely affected.



Shared IP addresses have several risks involved, whereas buying a dedicated IP address improves SEO in many ways.